Britannia Cup 2016 Draw – 1st & 2nd Rounds


The draw for the Britannia cup:

1st Round – Matches to be played January 7th 2016
Chiswick Club Society B v Chiswick Club Society A
Chiswick Society DT’s v Angels

Byes: Chiswick Memorial A, Chiswick Memorial B, Hammersmith Club, Maxilla Club, The Sinners, West London Deaf

2nd Round – Matches to be played March 3rd 2016
West London Deaf v Chiswick Club Society B or Chiswick Club Society A
Hammersmith Club v Chiswick Memorial B
The Sinners v Chiswick Society DT’s or Angels
Maxilla Club v Chiswick Memorial A

Thursday League 2015/16 – Fixtures

The winter season fixtures for the Thursday league are now published on the site.


The winter season will be played as one single league with at the end of the season the top 5 teams forming Division one for the summer season and the bottom 5 teams forming Division two. The first week of league matches is on November 12th. The league will be played home & away.

Team Changes
The Stewart Arms ‘B” team have moved locations and will now be playing from the Maxilla Club and will be known as Maxilla Club. Details of how to get to the club can be found on their Team Page by clicking here

The Chiswick Society DT’s and Chiswick Club Society C have joined together and will be known as Chiswick Society DT’s

There are some rules changes this season.
1) For 7-6 match results, instead of a team receiving three points for a 7-6 win and the losing team receiving one point, the winning team will now receive two points for the win and the losing team receive one point. Teams who win 8 or more receive the normal 3 points

2) Rolling subs will be allowed for Thursday league matches. This means players who are substituted are able to be brought on again later in a match. Substitutions can be made in-between each round of games ie after the Three’s, Pairs, Singles. Players names must be written on the chalkboard before the match starts

3) All Singles games are 501 best of 3. However, singles games can be 501 one game only instead only if both captains agree on the night. If both captains do not agree, then the singles matches will be 501 best of 3. This proviso is taken from the recent Division two rule change for matches that are over running on the night in order to quicken the finish. This also accommodates the pubs/clubs that won’t allow matches to continue after 11.20pm

The match format is as follows:
➢ Top Three v Top Three 701
➢ Bottom Three v Bottom Three 701
➢ Pair 1 v Pair 1 601
➢ Pair 2 v Pair 2 601
➢ Pair 3 v Pair 3 601
➢ 6 x (Drawn) Singles 501
➢ Top Three v Bottom Three 701
➢ Bottom Three v Top Three 701

Best of luck to all teams and players for the winter season


OPEN Singles 2015 – Finals

Diogo Portela Wins OPEN Singles 2015

Congratulations to Diogo who beat Jason Clark 4-0 in the final and losing only one leg all competition…to his brother

Well played to Jason for getting runners up and before the final also lost only leg all competition…to me!!

There were 36 entrants into the competition with four being drawn out of the hat (bag) for a special prize of playing a Pro player on January 8th 2016 at Chiswick Club Society. The four lucky winners are: Lyon, Ken Woodison SNR, Mark Jolley and Brian Jones. More details will be announced as soon as they are finalised

OPEN Singles Competition 2015

The OPEN single qualifying results are below. 16 players qualified for this Thursday Finals night on November 5th which will be a straight knockout starting at 8.30pm. Please register by 8.15pm. There is no entry fee


The 16 qualifiers are:

Brian Jones
Daniel Nairn
Diogo Portela
Gerard Loret

Jason Clark
Keith Wright
Lindsay Wright
Mark Vary

Marlene Pope
Martin Ekis
Matthias Köhsel
Peter Lovell

Seamus Gregory
Steve Bane
Steven Britnell
Z Mario Portela

Wednesday League – Summer Season 2015 Final Standings

Five Spuds & A Passion - Wednesday League Summer Season 2015 Champions

Five Spuds & A Passion League Winning Players
Jason Clark (Captain), Seamus Gregory (Secretary), Neil Barry, Robert Brownbill, Mark Williams, Steve Dolan, Stan Glebocki and Luke Nelson

  • Runners Up – Part Timers
  • Most 180s – Martin Ekis (Part Timers) with 6 x 180’s.
  • Highest Finish – Jay Oliver (Cowboys & Indian) with 157

Wednesday League – Winter Season 2015-16 Fixtures

The Wednesday League Winter 2015/16 season will start on the 4th November 2015. This is the week after the end of this summer season.


Please note that there is a rule change to the points scoring system. One point will be awarded for every game won instead of the 3 points for winning the match. Every game will count. There is a proviso in this rule change that if teams prefer to revert back to the 3 points for a win scoring system, then we can do so for the next summer season. For losing 10-11, there is no bonus point for winning 10 games

Teams only need to inform the committee of any changes to their team
➢ Captain/Secretary changes
➢ Players that have left the team
➢ New Players which the new player must print and sign their name

All teams have been designated a new Home board for the winter season, and boards not designated in previous seasons. These will be:
Board 1 – That Lot & Club 26
Board 3 – Cowboys & Indian & Misfits
Board 6 – Part Timers & Five Spuds & A Passion

Teams will need to pay their £20 registration fee on the first night on November 4th, plus fees for the food which is £20 for the season. Cowboys & Indian still owe £20 for this current seasons food

The season fixtures & updated rule changes can be found by clicking on the links below. The HDDA committee wishes all teams competing the best of luck and a great winter season

Winter Season 2015-16

At the AGM on October 4th 2015, the committee and members of the HDDA that were present discussed together the issues that were presented for the coming winter season with the Chiswick DT’s and Chiswick Club Society C joining together as one team


After the discussion, a vote was taken with the majority in favour of keeping both division one and division two for the winter season, and the Chiswick DT’s/ Chiswick Club Society C newly formed team starting from division two, so to keep both divisions with 5 teams. There has been many seasons with 5 teams in a division which has not caused any issues. The current summer season or last winter season, for example.

Contrary to what most believe, the necessity to place a team from this summer seasons division one into division two is not because the Chiswick DT’s pulled out of the summer season, but because of the Chiswick Club Society C joining them. This has meant that division two has one team less competing for the winter season with now 4 teams.

With division one on a 6 team fixture matrix and division two now on a 4 team fixture matrix, and taking into account that Chiswick Memorial A/ Chiswick Memorial B, Hammersmith Club/West London Deaf, Sinners/Angels all play from the same venue/board, both divisions have to be on the same fixture matrix. It is impossible to avoid home fixture clashes with so many teams playing from the same venue/board unless both divisions are on the same matrix. Something important that most never think about and assume it all just happens by magic. Unfortunately, you cannot break the law of mathematics.

Therefore, the only choices available was to either relegate whoever finished second from bottom this summer season, or to place the newly formed Chiswick DT’s/ Chiswick Club Society C into division two. The committee regards it totally unfair and unjust to relegate the team that finished second from bottom this summer season when this was never ever stated before the season began and played for. This leaves one option available that was most logical and fair taking everything into consideration, with the Chiswick DT’s/ Chiswick Club Society C playing in division two especially as Chiswick Club Society C were already a division two team and had not won promotion. To reiterate, this decision was necessary to accommodate the fixtures and not because the Chiswick DT’s pulled out of the summer season. Had the Chiswick Club Society C not joined them, or a new team had joined the HDDA, then this issue would not have arisen.

For the record, this is not the first time this situation has happened with both divisions. It should be noted that in 2011, the HDDA faced the same problem. It was the Stewarts Arms ‘B’ team (known then as Kenilworth Castle) whom very graciously accepted a request to be relegated into division two, when they did not have to accept as they did not finish bottom, but agreed in the best interests of the HDDA and helping to solve the then fixtures issues.

The committee manages the rules that are made by the HDDA members and to ensure that there is fair play & consistency applied to every single team in the HDDA, regardless of anything else. Being a committee member is a very time consuming and often an unrewarding task which every committee member dedicates their own free personal time to, and do so for the love of the HDDA and the game of darts. The committee will get it wrong at times and are only human, but are big enough to correct wrong decisions if its in the best interests of the HDDA and its members.

The committee is never frightened or scared in making decisions, far from it. The committee has the right to decide how the league format is run and uses this right to make decisions that represent the interests of the majority of its members, making utmost sure that fairness is prevailed. This current committee is not a dictatorship that wants to use its power to enforce their own personal views, but a committee that wants and tries to encourage all members of the HDDA to be actively involved and be fully part with all decisions that affect our league. Only on the occasions when necessary will the committee step in and use its rights, and with only the best interests of the HDDA in mind. If this is deemed to be weak, then so be it.

The committee are fully aware of the furor that the decision made at the AGM has caused. And has taken the time since to observe & learn what the majority of its members feel and want for the format of the winter season. It is clear that this is to have one single league for the coming winter season. Therefore, the committee have taken the decision to overturn the resolution made at the AGM and this coming winter season will be one single league.

To ensure fairness for all teams competing in a one league, this will be a season played on a home & away basis for all teams. At the end of the winter season, the top 5 teams will form division one for the summer season, and the bottom 5 teams will form division two. Should a new team or two join the HDDA for the summer season, then it will be the top 6 teams that form division one for the summer season, with the bottom 4 teams joining the new team/s in division two.

The annual Divisional Singles competition will be held at the end of the winter season after all league matches have been completed. Players from the top 5 teams will be eligible for the 1st Division Singles competition, players from the bottom 5 teams will eligible for the 2nd Division Singles competition.

The winter season will start on November 12th and finishes on May 19th 2016. Fixtures for the winter season will be published in due course.

All teams need to bring their registration fees of £40 plus £10 for the Britannia Cup to the next committee meeting on 1st November starting at 12 noon, and inform the committee of any changes to their team. Teams also have the option of paying their fees at the coming Open Singles competition nights later this month.

The newly formed Chiswick DT’s/ Chiswick Club Society C need to register to the committee as a new team and submit the necessary forms in full. These can be found on the ‘PRINT tab on either Thursday Division main page.

The committee trusts that this now puts an end to this matter and all members will support and recognise the difficult decision made for the winter season, and to now focus on getting onto the oche playing darts.

Summer Season 2015 Final Standings – Division Two

Chiswick Club Society A - Division 2 Summer League 2015 Champions

Chiswick Club Society A League Winning Players
Ralph Otto (Captain), Richard Farrell (Secretary), Ken Woodison JNR (Vice-Captain), Danny Woodison, Don Heath, Gavin Ainslie, Ken Woodison SNR, Reg Neal, Steve Bane, Val Woodison

  • Runners Up – Chiswick Memorial B
  • Most 180s – Mark Vary (Chiswick Club Society C), Richard Farrell (Chiswick Club Society A), Steve Serpanchy (Chiswick Memorial B) all 1 x 180
  • Highest Finish – There were no high finishes

Summer Season 2015 Final Standings – Division One

Chiswick Memorial A - Division 1 Summer League 2015 Champions

Chiswick Memorial A League Winning Players
Terry Andrews (Captain), Nick Patel (Secretary), Scott McCarthy (Vice-Captain), Andrew Rose, Dave Russell, Dave Simmons, Gary Bridges, John Huxtable, John Moyes, John Scott, Michael Sadler, Mick Simmons, Tony Andrews

  • Runners Up – Stewarts Arms ‘B’
  • Most 180s – Tony Andrews (Chiswick Memorial A) with 5 x 180’s
  • Highest Finish – Tony Andrews (Chiswick Memorial A) with 128
  • Individual Singles Results League Winner – Tony Andrews with 14 points winning 88% of matches. Martin Ekis (Chiswick Club Society B) also with 14 points and winning 88% of matches but losing 2 legs more


The following rule changes have been passed at the 2015 AGM for the Wednesday League which will take effect for the Winter season and onwards



Replacing 3 points for a win, teams will receive one point for every leg won

The league table sorting is in order of leg difference, legs won, legs lost, head-to-head.

Note: The Winter season is a trial run with this scoring system. If this proves to be satisfactory to all teams then this will continue for the followings seasons. If not, the following season will revert back to 3 points for a win


Teams do not need to submit team and player registration forms before each new season. Once a team has initially registered their team and players to the committee, these details will be carried forward onto the next season

It will be the responsibility of the teams captain/secretary to inform the committee of any changes, as all competition rules will be based on the teams registration information that the committee currently hold

Changes that the teams captain/secretary must inform the committee on are:
1) Captain/Secretary/Vice-captain changes
2) Players that have left the team
3) New Players which the new player must print and sign their name